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5 Yoga secrets to stay cool and protected this summer

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Marine Baaklini

June 5, 2024
With rising temperatures, some of us can be a bit anxious with staying cool and refreshed during the summer months! What if I told you that Yoga can help? This ancient practice, known for its myriad of physical and mental benefits, can also help regulate your body temperature, enhance your overall well-being, and keep you cool and composed throughout the summer. Intrigued? Want to know how to to channel your inner -cucumber 😉- yogi and regulate yourself in the heat? Here are my 5 top secrets to stay cool and protected this summer with yoga!

Pranayamas: Using Breath to Cool Down

The way we use our breath has a tremendous impact on our body and mind. Certain yoga breathing techniques can significantly influence your body’s cooling mechanisms.

  • Sheetali Pranayama: Roll your tongue into a tube-like position. Inhale through this tube, and exhale through the nose. This technique cools the air before it enters your body, reducing internal heat.
  • Sheetkari Pranayama: Inhale through clenched teeth and exhale through the nose. This method also lowers body temperature and calms the mind.

Asanas: Yoga Poses to Lower Body Temperature

Legs-Up-the-Wall pose for summer cooling

Certain yoga poses, or asanas, can help cool the body and calm the mind. Here are some to incorporate into your routine:

  • Viparita Karani (Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose): This inversion pose is great for relaxation and cooling down. It improves circulation and reduces swelling in the legs and feet caused by heat.
  • Shavasana (Corpse Pose): Lie on your back with arms extended at your sides, palms facing up, and legs extended. This pose balances the body, mind, and spirit, cooling your body temperature and restoring energy.

Managing Stress Levels with Yoga

Stress and anxiety can make you feel hotter. Try a Yoga Nidra session daily for stress relief. Start with 5 minutes each day and gradually increase the duration throughout the summer.  Yoga Nidra (also called NSDR – Non Sleep Deep Rest) can offer various health benefits such as stress reduction. It’s particularly useful for those who struggle with traditional sleep or for individuals seeking deep relaxation without actually falling asleep. Check-out our article: the Importance of Sleep in Sustainable Weight Loss to learn more about sleep benefits and it’s connection to your wellbeing objectives.

Being Mindful

Yoga helps being mindful during summer

Use summer as an opportunity to be more aware of your body’s needs. Check in with your body daily—Is it thirsty? Does it need rest? Yoga encourages mindfulness in practice and daily life. Drink water sip by sip, and savor each moment.

The Sanghat: Belonging to a Community

Yoga community practice for summer well-being

Goals are easier to achieve with support. Practicing yoga with a community, whether in a class or group, fosters a sense of belonging. Share your experiences and tips with others to make everything more enjoyable!


Don’t fear the heat this summer. Incorporate these yoga techniques into your routine for a natural and holistic approach to staying cool. I wish you a refreshing summer season!

About the author

Marine Baaklini photo: Yoga for Hormones and Yoga Nidra teacher

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Photo credits: Delphine Joly

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