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5 Yoga secrets to stay cool and protected this summer

Woman performing yoga on a mat, 5 yoga secrets to stay cool this summer

With rising temperatures, some of us can be a bit anxious with staying cool and refreshed during the summer months!
What if I told you that Yoga can help? This ancient practice, known for its myriad of physical and mental benefits, can also help regulate your body temperature, enhance your overall well-being, and keep you cool and composed throughout the summer.
Intrigued? Want to know how to to channel your inner -cucumber 😉- yogi and regulate yourself in the heat? Here are my 5 top secrets to stay cool and protected this summer with yoga!

Easy Thermomix Grain-Free Coconut Bread

A freshly baked loaf of Easy Thermomix Grain Free Coconut Bread on a cooling rack, sprinkled with seeds, with text overlay stating "Naturopathic Recipe.

Welcome back to MyAuthentikSpoon’s blog, where each recipe we share is an invitation to nourish your body through food. Today, I’m thrilled to share a creation that combines indulgence, wellness, and ease: the Easy Thermomix GRAIN-FREE COCONUT BREAD.
As a homemade food enthusiast, I understand the joy of crafting meals from scratch. This particular recipe redefines traditional baking, offering a grain-free delight that’s in harmony with a thoughtful and healthy lifestyle.

Intermittent Fasting Benefits: A Tool for DETOX

Half of a white plate visually transformed into a clock, the other half filled with a nutritious meal of salmon, vegetables, and seeds, against a vibrant green background with the text 'Intermittent Fasting Benefits For DETOX' by MyAuthentikSpoon.

In the history of human wellness, intermittent fasting is a practice performed through time for its key Detox Benefits. Today, this ancestral practice is picked up anew, emerging as a beacon for health-conscious individuals seeking to reclaim their body’s natural vigor. Let’s rediscover together this ancient wisdom applied today for modern health and see how it can plan a key role in supporting our body natural detoxification processes.

EAT TO LOSE WEIGHT + Naturopathic Crumble Recipe

A plate of Roasted Vegetable Crumble topped with a spiced seed and nut crust, presented with a caption 'EAT TO LOSE WEIGHT!' and 'NATUROPATHIC RECIPE' highlighted, from MyAuthentikSpoon.

Hello, dear friends! Welcome back to MyAuthentikSpoon, where we bridge the gap between your eating habits and your wellness goals. Today’s topic? EAT to lose weight—a concept that might sound counterintuitive, but hear us out.

DETOX for Weight Loss

The image is a cover for a naturopathic recipe article, featuring a bowl of Avocado Salad & Spread with the title "DETOX TO LOSE WEIGHT" in bold letters. The MyAuthentikSpoon logo is present, indicating the brand behind the recipe. The cover suggests a focus on healthy eating and weight loss through detoxification.

Hello, beautiful people! Welcome back to MyAuthentikSpoon, where we help you understand the connexion between your food choices and your wellbeing objectives.
Today, we wanted to talk to you about WEIGHT-LOSS. Are you finding your journey to weight-loss to be an uphill battle? You’ve tried countless diets and routines, yet the scale refuses to move. Maybe you lost weight only to regain it all again and a little more as soon as you stopped that diet!

Well, it might not be about the calories or the workouts—it could be about the toxins in your body. Yes, you heard right. Toxins can disrupt your body’s natural systems, including those that regulate weight and metabolism. But fear not, because DETOX might just be the solution you need.

Detox Grain-Free Stir-Fry Recipe

Cover photo for an article featuring a colorful DETOX Grain-Free Spicy Stir-Fry topped with sesame seeds and fresh coriander leaves, emphasizing that detox meals can be diverse and aren't limited to just green juices. Logo of MyAuthentikSpoon in the corner.

Hello, beautiful people! Today, we’ve got a special treat in store for you. At MyAuthentikSpoon, our philosophy is all about harnessing the power of detoxification with every meal. That’s why we’re thrilled to present a unique take on a classic staple: the DETOX Grain-Free Spicy Stir-Fry. This dish is a household favorite, especially since it’s bursting with rich nutrients. And yes, you read that correctly—no guilt here! This dish will not only tantalize your taste buds but also embraces a holistic approach to support your body’s natural detox pathways. Enjoy the burst of flavors guilt-free!

DETOX cauliflower couscous salad

Naturopathic Recipe: DETOX Couscous Salad with cauliflower and quinoa arranged on a plate, with text overlay detailing the dish, presented by MyAuthentikSpoon

At MyAuthentikSpoon, our love for food runs deep, especially when it comes to the vibrant flavors of our Mediterranean roots. However, as many of you already know, our core passion is understanding how thoughtful food choices can profoundly improve our well-being. Naturally, when the opportunity to combine these two loves emerged, we couldn’t resist but embrace it!

Don’t Wait to Feel Thirsty to Hydrate! – Bonus: melon & avocado refreshing smoothie

A refreshing green smoothie garnished with fresh mint leaves in a glass, accompanied by a selection of hydrating fruits including watermelon and grapes. The bold text overlaid states 'Don't Wait to Feel Thirsty to Hydrate!' with a subtitle 'Food science explained,' and the MyAuthentikSpoon logo at the bottom, highlighting the theme of proactive hydration.

Gone are the days when hydration was just a checkbox of 2 liters or 8 cups. Yes, water is a lifeline, making up more than half of our body mass and keeping dehydration, with its fatigue and foggy brains, at bay. But let’s go beyond the sips and explore hydration in more details – think water quality, the containers we use, and how it all syncs with our health rhythm. Plus, as a bonus to satisfy your thirst for knowledge and flavor, we’re adding a ‘Melon & Avocado Refreshing Hydration Smoothie’ that’s sure to make your taste buds and cells do a happy dance. Let’s dive in: hydration is about to get a whole lot more interesting – and delicious!